Pain conditions and information
The division of pain conditions into body regions is perhaps easier to manage for the non clinician and
may be thought of as an easier way to focus on your pain problem.
Naturally it may be necessary to link information sections together to
deal with the problems more fully as pain problems can rarely be
considered in isolation, are often complicated and may include several
interrelated conditions
If you have difficulty finding information about the problem that interests
or concerns you then please contact us for further help.
Remember chronic pain is a complex problem which may be due to a
variety of causes and which commonly does not fall into simplified
regional structure.
Clarification of the causes of your pain may require more detailed
examination and investigations. Although pain itself cannot be ‘imaged’
there are a wide array of tests used to assist in diagnosis and
management of your pain problem.
Will I understand the
medical terms?
Each section is organised
as an overview of pain
conditions in that area.
Further or more detailed
technical information may
be available within the
Links will point to review
references if available.
pain theory
pain mechanisms
back and neck pain
neuropathic pain
complex regional pain
miscellaneous pain conditions
Terms and Conditions