An Interdisciplinary team.
Pain is rarely managed effectively by a single clinician in
isolation, and there is good peer reviewed evidence to
support the inclusion of a wide variety of specialists within
an integrated team.
Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, clinical psychologists,
neurosurgical, orthopaedic and general surgeons,
physicians, diagnostic and interventional radiologists,
radiographers, operating theatre staff, secretarial and
managerial professionals work together to ensure the best
clinical care, delivered efficiently, to provide a professional
pain medicine service.
Naturally not everyone with a pain problem will need to see
each member of the team. Indeed clinical discussions may
help to clarify and rationalise your treatment without tedious
and time consuming repeat consultations.
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Dr I.Fraser Duncan,
B.Sc.,M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.A.,F.F.P.M.R.C.A. M.Sc 
Trained in medicine at Birmingham
Medical School.
A consultant neurosurgical
anaesthetist, Queen Elizabeth
Hospital Birmingham.
Fellow of the Royal College of
Fellow of the Faculty of Pain
Medicine of the Royal College of
Masters in Pain Medicine. (Edin).
Honorary clinical tutor in Pain
Medicine. (Edin).
A team of