..to have pain is to have great certainty..
Pain can be a difficult problem. Although we all experience pain throughout
our lives it can often be difficult for others to appreciate a painful condition
which cannot be ‘seen’ or ‘felt’ by them.
Many people feel isolated and alone within their pain and find it difficult to
explain to others, even close family or partners, exactly how pain affects their
Living with pain affects us and those around us including family, friends, work
colleagues and acqaintances alike and can often make pain feel a very
lonely condition to experience.
Modern interdisciplinary pain medicine can address the individual problems
within a pain condition by considering each element in order to allow a
comprehensive diagnostic and management plan to be made to improve and
treat your pain.
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Pain medicine is at
the forefront of
current medical
Current clinical and primary
research in pain therapies,
diagnosis and techniques
is advancing more rapidly
than almost any other field
in current medical practice.
The benefits of research
include advances in
medication, the
understanding of pain
syndromes, developments
in diagnostic imaging and
intervention which provide
better treatment of your
pain problems.
Be assured......
All the clinicians involved
in your care are experts in
their speciality with wide
experience in pain care
and treatment.
All consultants hold
current positions within
the NHS. and are
members/fellows of their
respective professional
Be safe......
Your care will be centred on
an established hospital,
registered and licensed by
the Health Care Commission
and regularly inspected to
ensure compliance.
Clinical and hospital services
are recognised by all UK
health care insurers.
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